Granfors geared up for “one of the most important weekends in my career”

Granfors geared up for “one of the most important weekends in my career”

10 October 2022

Fortec’s Joel Granfors heads to Donington Park this weekend with just a 16.5-point deficit to championship leader Luke Browning.

It’s been clear almost from the start of the season that the title battle would involve the two protagonists, and now a two-way battle in the East Midlands will decide the outcome of this year’s championship.

The Swedish driver has led the championship on numerous occasions, and conceded it back to the Hitech contender last time out at Brands Hatch. He therefore needs the better weekend of the two drivers to take the title.

“Donington is going to be one of the most important weekends of my career, but it’s also going to be a lot of fun either if I win it or not” he says.

The 17-year-old is heading into the event, which can only be settled on Sunday, with the same level headed mind set that’s served him so well all year.

“I’m trying to stick to a business as usual approach, otherwise I will just think too much I think.

“I’m not too nervous at the moment, maybe that will change once we get into the final day, I guess we will see but I will just have to do my best and I think that will be enough.”

The battle between the pair has been tense all year, with the highlight on track scrap coming at Snetterton where the duo operated nose-to-tail throughout, and even made slight contact at top speed. Granfors admits he’s enjoyed fighting against one of Britain’s most promising single-seater prospects.

“Luke and I have been the two fighting over the lead in the championship all year, and he’s been really good all season. He is really putting up a fight, which is good for me as that way I always have to push myself to the limit every time I go out there.

“Luke’s strongest side I think is his speed, he has been really strong all year on every track. It’s been great having to fight with him over the season.”

Granfors is expecting to have several family members and friends making the short trip from Sweden to the event, and he hopes to deliver the title for them.

“I know some family and friends are coming over to watch the final races, so it’ll be good to have some support at the track.

“Winning the GB3 Championship would obviously be amazing for me and the team. For my career it’s important because you want to have some titles under your name, and GB3 is the one I want!”