Snetterton race three penalty

Snetterton race three penalty

26 June 2022

Following the final race of the weekend at Snetterton, the Clerk of the Course has issued a penalty which changes the results of the race.

Following an investigation, the Clerk of the Course found that the driver of car #4 (Bryce Aron) was guilty of causing a collision with car #68 (Branden Oxley), which enforced the retirement of the latter contender.

As a result, Aron has been disqualified from the results of the race, having finished sixth originally.

The revised result is shown below:

GB3 Championship, partnered by the BRDC, Snetterton race three result:

1. Mikkel Grundtvig, Fortec Motorsport, 10 laps
2. Marcos Flack, Douglas Motorsport, +0.253s
3. James Hedley, Elite Motorsport, +0.786s
4. Tommy Smith, Douglas Motorsport, +1.753s
5. McKenzy Cresswell, Chris Dittmann Racing, +1.997s
6. Zak Taylor, Fortec Motorsport, +4.335s
7. Max Esterson, Douglas Motorsport, +5.883s
8. David Morales, Arden Motorsport, +6.046s
9. Javier Sagrera, Carlin, +6.416s
10. Nico Christodoulou, Arden Motorsport, +7.042s
11. Alex Connor, Arden Motorsport, +7.902s
12. Matthew Rees, JHR Developments, +8.779s
13. Roberto Faria, Carlin, +9.901s
14. Luke Browning, Hitech GP, +10.597s
15. Joel Granfors, Fortec Motorsport, +10.948s
16. John Bennett, Elite Motorsport, +11.596s
17. Callum Voisin, Carlin, +11.880s
18. Nick Gilkes, Hillspeed, +12.199s
19. Tom Lebbon, Elite Motorsport, +12.885s
DNF. Cian Shields, Hitech GP, 0 laps
DNF. Branden Oxley, Chris Dittmann Racing, 0 laps
DQ. Bryce Aron, Hitech GP